CRYSTALITE was founded in the mid 70’s and ever since we have been concentrated in the making of custom made chandeliers for projects such as palaces, hotels, places of worship, government buildings, etc…

Our type of operation is based mainly in the classical styles, that is, crystal chandeliers (gold and crystal), Maria Theresa chandeliers, sand casted arm chandeliers, crystal arm chandeliers etc… all of which in any size. Sometime ago we shipped for Saudi Arabia one chandelier of an 8 meter diameter by 10 meters high, in addition to many others also in small and large sizes.

The factory is self-contained, meaning, we manufacture 100% of production in the premises excluding of course the crystals which are purchased. Chandeliers are all made with base metal brass and then gold or chrome plated. The chandeliers are completely assembled and we only use wooden boxes in order to insure no breakages occur during transport. We use three different types of crystal as per the client’s choice:

1. Swarovski Elements: top quality made in Austria by Swarovski.

2. Spectra by Swarovski: this is the second brand of Swarovski which is a very good type of crystal.

3. Asfour crystal: this type of crystal has 30% monoxide of lead and it is of excellent quality.